Dopamine Land has arrived.

News| 17th April 2024
Dopamine Land has arrived.
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Dopamine Land, the enchanting multisensory experience, is making its Australian debut at Uptown!

What Is Dopamine Land?

Direct from London, Dopamine Land invites visitors of all ages to embark on an adventure through an enchanting interactive museum. Every corner of this immersive destination celebrates the experiences and encounters that provide us humans with the elusive “happiness hormone” we forever chase: dopamine! From optical illusions to mesmerizing soundscapes, each of the ten themed rooms offers a symphony of sensations, creating the ultimate sensory overload.

Key Highlights of Dopamine Land:

  1. Musical Tiles: A kinetic and audio experience encouraging guests to unleash their creativity through musical composition. Each tile triggers a change in light and electronic melodies, culminating in a complete track.
  2. The Keep Calm Forest: An artificial recreation of a serene woodland featuring LED trees, mirrored spaces, and immersive soundscapes. Guests can immerse themselves in a tranquil, meditative atmosphere.
  3. Lucid Dreams: A visual journey into the realms of visual autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and vivid dreaming. Guests can capture photos and selfies amidst surreal high-definition projections, thanks to animations created by talented Australian digital artist, Cassie Troughton.

Additional standouts include Pillow Fight, where guests release pent-up energy in a controlled environment inspired by lolly boxes, marshmallows, and Mexican wrestling. There’s also The Ball Pit, a nostalgic playground reminiscent of 1980s Miami, featuring glowing horizons, soft play pits, pulsating LED lighting, and the scent of Pina Coladas—all set to the backdrop of 80s electro beats.

Throughout the experience, guests will encounter several unique photo opportunities and dedicated zones designed to capture and preserve cherished memories.

Event Details:

Date: Opens from May 29th, 2024 for an extended season

Duration: Approximately 50 minutes

Location: Level Q, Uptown, 91 Queen St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

After-hours entry is through Queen Street Mall (entrance opposite Westpac).

How Can I Book?

You can book tickets by here. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary adventure!

Best Parking

There is paid parking available within Uptown. Access is via 66 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane and pre-bookings can be made via the Uptown website.

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